My time with WoWGasm and Rebel-gaming has had a good run.

My dear friends,

Thank you for letting me be the best and gnomiest Gnome I could think of.  I have changed spiritually over the past three years.  Things in this world are changing and in a week or less I expect bigger changes still.  I don't know what the future holds.  For now though, WoW and Frostmourne seem to have become part of my past.  I am grateful to have been a part of this community.

As my daughter begins her education in full force to follow in my IT footsteps I will be offering her Frostmourne and the gaming server to be a real-life example of solutions and a project to toy with, modify and upgrade as she sees fit.

Frostmourne has been in her life, in my family's life, since she was in the first grade.  She and a friend have begun playing on Frostmourne and so as long as they wish to continue to  keep our beloved Frostmourne alive, I will help and continue to host it.

Thank you all for all the years of playing on Frostmourne with my family and me.  You have given us many happy memories and have shaped our lives.  I have enjoyed becoming friends with many of you.

Stimpy, Tzix, Dardolek/GM Howie,  GM Rosa, Medo, GM-Grimm,  Jade, and Meadow.  Thank you for being part of my gaming family.

Porth,  thank you for bequeathing me the DB from WoWGasm.

Ranik,  Thank you for giving me a chance to help the community for as long as the community wished to be here and for providing the domain name and forum services.

Tawny, thank you for being there and helping me run the community for all of these years.  Thank you for working with me as we worked through changes and problems customizing our realm with the good ideas that we had.  Thank you for helping me focus through all the core upgrades and for decorating the realm in all the splendor and glory you have made it.  Thank you for hunting down those pesky turkeys and helping me eradicate them!  THAT was a win!

[If you notice any spelling or gramatical errors above, it's probably just a result of a wrong setting on my gram-ato-tron. The thing is finicky in the cold.]

Thank you for the Journey.  May the blessings of the Almighty Creator of the Universe  be upon each of you and guard you, in Jesus' name.

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Reforging working, Smuggler's cross-faction mounts working....but...

Transmogrification still isn't working.  I poked and prodded a bit but I'll have to do more after sleep (and work and other later.)

I'll post progress in DISCORD

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Various updates have been made to the vote shop.  Items have been added, removed and modified.  Enjoy.

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Realm change-over requests.

As I transition admin maintenance over to Eep we will be doing some maintenance and a final set of gnomamatic feature additions.

Please feel free to make suggestions! 

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DaBomb shirt auto-recharges restored to the weekly cron job

Sorry about losing the cron jobs.  :(

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Core update status...

Before we can begin with the core update, I'm going to have to update some compilation libraries on the server.  Bear with me.  Bear?? or is it Bare?

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Issues with multiple-effect scrolls.

Only one effect is proc'ing off of the Rebel Scrolls and other custom scrolls that have multiple effects.  I will look into this after a core update which will occur sooner than later.


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Discord voice chat and support server

If you need support, I'm hanging out on Discord these days.  Pop in and say hey to me or bring your friends over and chat while questing.

Here is the discord invite link:   /


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Recent Changes

*Due to an issue with GoDaddy, the old forum site is no longer available and there was a bit of downtime recently as the domain name was wrested from GoDaddy and moved.

*The Medal of Loyalty item is in the process of being implemented. This will provide level dependent login reward bonuses including a low chance to receive cooldown/casttime/power cheats as well as BJ's nOOb shielding scrolls.

*Automated cheat activations will be seriously curbed or removed altogether in favor of login reward chest and rebel token aquisition.

*Daily login rewards will be reduced to once a day.

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Mailbot additions

Our Mailbot has been upgraded to process recharges for [Da Bomb] and to automatically process the GM1 scrolls!

Yay for Gnomish automation!

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Realm information and link to the custom content patch.

REALMLIST SETTINGS:(The realmlist is in the the data\enus\ folder in your game directory.)

set realmlist

Use a 3.3.5a client to login to the FROSTMOURNE WOTLK realm.


Game Account creation:  Click the "Create a Game Account" banner to the right.
Forum Account creation: Click the "Rebel Gaming Forums" link on the left and register


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