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Living in the Netherlands or in Germany? Did you know that GoSherpy gives you an Extra 4%* for all your purchases on ?

Link your GoSherpy Savings Plan to a Product on once you reach the goal amount you can redeem an Amazon Gift Card with a 4% Extra Gift from GoSherpy.
Start saving now towards your dream product, it's free!

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Get a 4%* Gift on Your Savings!

Now you can Redeem your Savings on GoSherpy as an Amazon Gift Card with a Gift!

7142457740 is the app that allows you to put away real money towards your personal Goals and Desires in a simple, secure and automatic way.

AWith GoSherpy you can save towards all the products on as soon as you reach the amount chosen, you can withdraw your savings as an Amazon Gift Card with a 4% Top Up on your savings as a present from GoSherpy!

For example: you reach a goal of € 600 with GoSherpy. If you convert your Savings into an Gift Card, GoSherpy top-ups 4%, hence € 24 and the final value of your Amazon Card will be € 624!

How does it work ?

Getting the Amazon Gift Card is very simple ...

Create Your
Saving Plan

Accumulate the
necessary amount

Redeem Your Savings
as a Gift Card (+4%!)

Buy on
with the 4% Gift

1. Create an "Amazon Goal"

Open the GoSherpy App, create your account and when creating your saving plan, choose the "Amazon" Goal. You can search the product you want directly from GoSherpy on - or if you already know which product you want, you can paste the Amazon Link. In this way the budget to be reached varies automatically based on the price of the product on Amazon!

2. Start to Save Money

Once you have set up your savings plan and activated it by linking a card or bank account, all you have to do is relax: GoSherpy automatically puts money aside for you. In case you want to reach your goal earlier than planned, you can always make extra deposits manually. Short on money this month? You can also pause your saving plan!

3. Get the Amazon Gift Card (with 4% * Gift Top Up!)

Once you've reached your goal, you can redeem your savings as an Amazon Gift Card with the 4% Gift Top Up on the amount you have saved. Choosing to redeem your savings as an Amazon Gift Card enables the 4%+ Gift, plus you can use the Gift Card immediately to buy all products on In this way it's no longer necessary to wait 2/3 working days as it happens in the case you choose to withdraw your savings on your bank account.

What is GoSherpy ?


GoSherpy helps everyone turn their money into happiness, making personal savings easy and automatic. GoSherpy is your Automatic Moneybox to save towards your specific goals.
Create a goal and its savings plan in less than 5 minutes via the app or directly on the browser. You can put money aside for everything you care about: your next vacation, a new Camera, a post graduate master's degree. In short, everything you want!

In less than a year, GoSherpy helped to save more than € 150,000



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